I am an artist, writer and creative.

At the start of the quarantine in 2020, I was inspired to start creating and I produced works in many mediums- short films, music, wire sculpture, digital collage, dance, and sketching. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice and when fall arrived, I fell into digital illustration and I was hooked. I have been exploring the digital medium ever since. 

My work is unguarded in nature. I seek to bring forth sparks of hope and brightness by connecting and creating art through my heart.

Tales about my


In the past I have written a blog where I loved sharing what I learned about myself and the amazing people who unexpectedly made the journey around the world an unforgettable experience. My stories were mostly about adventures studying, traveling, and living in France. To read my blog, click here. To listen to my blog, click here. 

Having trouble staying grounded in your body? You can find some helpful tips in my recently published book, The Hassle Free Guide to Getting Back in Your Body here.

Aisha Isabelle Podcast:

If you’d like to listen to rather than read my blog stories, this is the perfect medium. My stories are coming to audio on this page: https://anchor.fm/aishaisabelle

43. Class Cancelled= Beach + Ice Cream Aisha Isabelle

What happens when class gets cancelled and you live near the beach? This episode is also available as a blog post: https://aishaisabelle.com/745/ — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. 43. Class Cancelled= Beach + Ice Cream
  2. 42. Wigging Out
  3. 41. Surprise Party
  4. 40. Shop, Storm, Karaoke
  5. 39. Let Go of Hangups

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“To Be Brave is To Begin and Not To Fear What’s Alive”

– @theheartofzucchini

Poetry by Aisha Isabelle

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