Golf Carts and Starbucks

I attend a large university with lots of huge hills. Once in a while, one will come across golf carts and I’ve always wanted to ride the golf carts to class. My wish came true today. I am just walking from the diner minding my own business when a golf cart stops at the stop sign before me. The golf cart pauses for a bit too long and I look at the driver to see what is stopping her from moving on. Her lips are moving and I realize that she is speaking but when the guy in the passenger seat waves at me I realize they are trying to tell me something. I take out my earphones ready to give them directions when I hear that they are offering me a ride to my class.  I am stunned but quickly hop on and give them the name of the building. It was awesome. Firstly, because I got to ride a golf cart to class and secondly, because I avoided climbing a very big hill. I wish I could drive a golf cart to get to my classes everyday.

On a side note, yesterday I got a Starbucks gift card for free. I was on the quad tossing around a volleyball with a group of people when a couple approached us. They announced that they had a Starbucks gift card that they would like to give someone. Everyone was dumbfounded. The couple explained that they didn’t really go to Starbucks and decided to give the gift card FOR FREE to someone who may appreciate it. While everyone was processing this too good to be true offer, I looked around once, then twice, then collected the card since no one else did. I mean, a $20 Starbucks gift card FOR FREE, and I was the first to show my interest?! I know university students like free stuff but this free thing may have been such a surprise that no one could process quickly enough (the idea that a  $20 Starbucks gift card is offered FOR FREE out of nowhere) to lay claim to the gift.

I hope the rest of my week plays out this well.

P.S. Every time I pass by an unattended golf cart, I can’t help but feel the need to “borrow it” for a joyride all across campus.

Lots of Love,

Aisha Isabelle


2 responses to “Golf Carts and Starbucks”

  1. […] it was really cool that you could rent golf carts to take you around the gardens and since I have a secret obsession with golf carts I will definitely be coming back someday even if it’s just to treat myself to a golf cart […]


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