First Day of (French) School

Yesterday I went to the beach with the other girls in my program. We also walked toward the port and got in the water where the rocks were. I left soon after because I was hungry.

On the way back I realized that many of the eateries were closed and I kept walking, looking for an open one, as I reached my street. There was a bar that was open and when I asked the bar tender whether the establishment served food, he pointed me towards the brasserie right across the street. I was able to get une formule which consisted of a chicken sandwich, any dessert of my choosing, and  a drink. I chose an iced tea and when I tasted it once I had returned home, it had peach(y) undertones. After eating half the sandwich I read an ebook which was great because I haven’t read in a long time.

Today was the first day of school. I did not receive my schedule so I had to get to school a few minutes earlier than I’d planned to find out what classes I was placed in. I was placed in the same language classes with another girl in my program. The first class wasn’t bad; it was an hour long of grammar practice. After the class, the girl, Stacia, and I sat on the giant painted steps and had a conversation about school and teaching as a profession.

Our second class was two hours long. The professor was super nice and we did a reading comprehension exercise. After that we went to the gym but since it wasn’t yet open, I decided to go to the store to get some paper. I need folders too but I don’t like the ones I’ve seen so far.

On the way home I got off the bus a bit far from my stop but I was able to make my way back. I stopped at the same brasserie from yesterday to get a sandwich for lunch tomorrow. I only have one class tomorrow so I’ll be heading to the library after school. As of now I don’t know if I want to join a student group. I’m thinking maybe next semester, eh?


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