Bus Tour of Nice

Today we went on an open bus tour around Nice. The town is really beautiful. We got off at the stop for Musée Matisse and went through an ancient amphitheater- Arène de Cimiez, past the museum (which was a pink house), through the park and garden- Parc et Jardin des Arènes de Cimiez, into a Franciscan church & monastery- Monastère de Notre Dame de Cimiez (where a wedding was being held), through the Monastery Gardens (which were beautiful and had an overlook providing an awesome view of the town below and the sea), and then back down to the bus stop.

On the way to the bus stop I bought this popsicle called X-pop and I really liked it. After the tour Marthe and I went to the volleyball courts for a few minutes and on the way back I got a tropical smoothie from So Green at Place Massena. I prefer the paradise smoothie.  We will probably be going out tonight and if we do I will be wearing the same purple print dress.

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September 2014


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  1. […] I was excited attend a festival today at Cimiez and seeing the ruins there definitely brought back memories. […]


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