Cannes: the Arts, the Crafts, and the Glory

On Saturday we took the SNCF train to Cannes where we walked by the parts of the city where the Cannes Film Festival happens. I saw the 24 Steps of Glory (and of course Chanel just had to live right across the street). There was also some yachting event going on but (sadly) I wasn’t invited.

The next stop was a museum where we had to take a photo of an art piece we found interesting and write a paragraph on it. Then we went through this medieval-looking building, up some rickety stairs and then onto the rooftop which offered a spectacular view of the city. We met a man from Quebec up there.

When we got backs to the main streets, we returned to the market set-up that we’d passed by earlier where artists/artisans were selling their crafts/wares. There was this one particular man who worked with metals and his sculptures/pieces were ah-mazing. Bl-DSCN0275 Bl-DSCN0277 Bl-DSCN0278 Bl-DSCN0281 Bl-DSCN0284 Bl-DSCN0286 Bl-DSCN0293 Bl-DSCN0296 Bl-DSCN0304 Bl-DSCN0309 Bl-DSCN0315 Bl-DSCN0321 Bl-IMG_0314 Bl-IMG_0316 Bl-IMG_0318 Bl-IMG_0418 Bl-IMG_0419 Bl-IMG_0439 Bl-IMG_0441 Bl-IMG_0445

September 2014


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