Fun on Île Saint Honorat


We took a boat to Île Saint Honorat where we walked through wooded pathways and open fields to get to the ancient church/monastery. The view from the top was great and there was something mystical about the well right by the entrance. I noticed a guy down below taking a picture of the rooftop where I was standing and I was amused to think of myself as a great addition to the backdrop.


While waiting to catch the boat back to Cannes I got a giant freeze pop and a giant bottle of water. I’d been feeling a bit under the weather on the boat ride to Île Saint Honorat because I’d eaten too much and it didn’t help that I’d taken a couple of sugar-encrusted Haribo gummy bears from Alex right before hopping on the boat. We were all exhausted at the end and decided to go back to Nice rather than staying a bit longer in Cannes.


When I got back I showered and ate dinner which Amie had graciously prepared. I was wiped out and went to bed almost immediately after dinner.


P.s. I went braless. Es-scandalous!

September 2014


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