Say Hello to Lapibel

So I was planning to laze around and stay in today but after getting a sandwich for lunch and not finding anything to watch I decided to join the others at the beach. Alex, her best friend Cami, and Stacia wanted to parasail but it was too windy.

When I got back home I watched YouTube videos, talked to my family, and then at dinner Lu offered me Babybel cheese which I’d never tried before. She used the mold of the wrappers to make a sculpture of a rabbit that she named Lapibel (mix of lapin and Babybel). It was amazing watching the transformation from mold to rabbit; she is super talented. We then played Stikeez after dinner and she dominated that game.

I am going out tonight so, later!

P.S lapin means rabbit.

Bl-IMG_0289 Bl-IMG_0295 Bl-IMG_0297 Bl-IMG_0300 Bl-IMG_0303

September 2014


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