Monaco I

Hotel de Paris

Today I woke up and read a bit. I didn’t really want to do anything so I went online and then saw a couple of people wanted to go to Monaco and I thought, “Why not?”. We met up two hours later and took bus 100.

Bl-IMG_0536 (2)
View from the steps of a casino

When we got to Monte Carlo we headed to the Office de Tourisme then walked around to the Hotel de Paris area and entered a Casino to look around for a few minutes, then back out and past Chanel, took a picture of the scenery, took a picture of a reflective ball in a pool, headed back towards the Office de Tourisme, down some escalators into a shopping center.

Past Chanel
Reflective ball in pool

All the stores were closed (because it was Sunday) but I wasn’t planning on buying anything from there anyway; they were all designer brands and it was fun to look around.


We then walked towards the Jardin Exotique but got lost and ended up in this Sunday market set-up with pretty nice things bon marché. I want to go back and get scarves and the fluffy panda sweater and a sucre-citron crêpe.

Pretty colorful
Scarves aplenty

It was getting late so we headed towards our bus stop and after a few stumbles and help from strangers we made our way to the bus. The bus driver was mean  (or more precisely gruff and super impatient); there was minor confusion regarding how the bus passes worked. It was a lovely day all in all.

Jewelry Time!
Maybe next time
Yummy Yummy
Bl-IMG_0576 (2)
So soft. I prefer the panda design though

September 2014


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