Back from La Douce France

There is much to recount but I first have to say that I returned from France in December. It was six months earlier than I had planned but life happens and you just have to readjust (which is what I’ve been doing for the past six months that I have been absente). I will regale you with the rest of my sordid tales from my stay in France however, I have to say that my departure from France was made in haste and you’ll just have to be patient until we get to that anointed day when all shall be revealed.

As soon as I find out where I hid my journal ( cuz there be stuff I don’t want my momma to know) I’ll update a new post from the time we left off.

And never mind the silly picture (I do have more than two teeth thank you very much).

Lots of love,

Aisha Isabelle

June 2015


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