Turkey, Escargots, & Una Macchina

Preface: This is not a post about me taking a trip to Turkey by car while eating escargots. Sorry not sorry to disappoint (although that may not be such a bad idea).

Class was good and passed by really quickly today. Towards the end of langue écrite the sky turned dark really fast and I heard a low rumble of thunder. I put on my raincoat as I left the building for the bus stop. On the way home I listened to an interview of the guy who wrote Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. After taking the tramway home, I checked my email. I then lay down and read a book.

I opened the door for Lu when she got back and turned on the TV. CANAL+ and some other channels don’t have signals so I tried to find a way to strengthen the antenna. I was able to access the channel and I watched Two and a Half Men or rather Mon Oncle Charlie before remembering the homework I have due tomorrow.

By the time I put the finishing touches dinner was ready. It was a casserole dish and turkey. I am not a big fan of turkey so I ate around it which my host mom noticed. She assured me that it was not pork and I told her turkey wasn’t my favorite thing to eat ( I hope that wasn’t insensitive). The girls then started listing “meats” to see which ones I’ve tried before:





I said no to all the above and Amie insisted that since I am in France I must try French delicacies. I’ll definitely taste different foods; I’m not opposed to that. I’ve just never been an adventurous eater. I mean, I can only eat about two spoons of an ice cream flavor (other than vanilla) before getting tired of it.

I appreciate all the effort V put into making this meal. I realize and notice that she is really cognizant of being a good host.

After dinner I returned to my room, showered, completed my reading, turned on the TV, lost CANAL+, found a way to scan for channels, and added more channels. I found this Italian show that is similar the to The Amazing Race which I am watching right now and all I keep hearing is macchina. It amazes me how many people (Europeans) speak English so well. I’ll finish the show or read some then go to bed.


Aisha Isabelle

P.S Escargots=snails (French)

Una Macchina=a car (Italian)

September 2014


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