Palais, Musée , Fenocchio,

Today we went to the Palais de la Préfecture. The Palais was beautiful and I liked that it was sunny; made in a way that sunlight illuminated the whole place. On our way out we Marthe and the others in our group had a conversation with the Prefect while Brandon and I were off to the side talking about RuPaul’s Drag Race and waiting for our turn to sign the log book. In our defense we didn’t know he was the Prefect until our group members called us over to take a group picture with him.  He was very kind and wished us well with our studies in Nice. Sarena joined us at the Palais. We then went for drinks (not with the prefect) and my professor asked me if my new hairstyle was French but I told him that it came about by accident (which it did-read the Pin Curls post). I also told him about our friends from many parts of the world (we haven’t yet made friends from France yet and he said he’ll contact a colleague to find a way to connect us with French students).

made in a way that sunlight illuminated the whole place
my favorite room
Click on the pictures to enlarge the images then zoom in and out to your heart’s content
new French hairstyle?

We then went to Musée Masséna and I took some great pictures then Stacia,Sarena, and I went to the library to get a card but we have to get some other documents before registering. I can’t wait till I get my library card so I can borrow books, CDs, and movies.

Yesterday I read all day and got a late lunch, got some snacks, got back, and my room was cleaned. After dinner I listened to music, I stretched, then went to bed. If I didn’t mention this earlier, on Thursday after a long day of sitting in literature classes, we (Stacia, Marthe, Brandon) went to Fenocchio and I got rose and lychee ice cream. BEST. ICE. CREAM. EVER! and also the best flavor combination of my life. If you ever go to Nice please please please don’t miss out on the Fenocchio experience. I would seriously kiss the ice cream if I could.

And I’ll be going to a Cuban restaurant later tonight with Marthe, Brandon, and some other friends of theirs from their classes.

A tout à l’heure….


September 2014


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