Pin Curls

As I get more used to the longer hours in school the days pass by much faster. It doesn’t feel like tomorrow is Thursday and since I have no classes on Fridays the weekend basically starts tomorrow.

Yesterday I saw Raheem again ( the boy I met at the school bus stop last Tuesday). He is from Libya and speaks Arabic, English and French. The bus was super packed going to and coming back from school.

On the way back I decided to get a blow-dryer which led me to thoughts about getting a straightener. I stopped at two places before finding a great blow-dryer and straightener for reasonable prices. When I got home, I immediately took a shower and started the straightening process.

After an hour of straightening, dinner was ready. I learned that we will be having another student here. I hope she is nice (or rather that we get along well). After dinner I continued straightening my hair and finished around midnight.

Today my pin curls (which I’d done the night before) curled the opposite way than I wanted. Yesterday’s hair straightening was the best/easiest straightening experience of my life. I had to makeup my media and geography class. Media was good and geography was très long. I’m about to watch the Wendy Williams Show and the Colbert Report to catchup with what is going on in the US.

P.S CANAL+ only works from the hours of 4PM to 8:30PM. :{

September 2014


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