Cave Fail + New Girl in Town

Today I met Brandon and Sarena at Place Garibaldi to go visit La Crypte and the line was pretty long. I left the line to search for water, came back with a slushee, and I found Stacia in line talking to Brandon. She and her host mom’s visiting nephew were going to some cave and asked if we wanted to come along. We ditched the line, walked 20 minutes to the place and there was a long line at the caves too. It took two hours to get into this “cave” and there was nothing to see at all. Nothing.

literally nada!

On the way back home we decided to try climbing up some stairs,  Château Colline (Castle Hill), to see a great view of the Promenade but everyone was tired/over it and hungry so when we got back through Vieille Nice I parted ways from the group and took the tramway home.

Once I got home V introduced me to the new host student. She is from Belgium and she seems nice. During dinner I learned that Jen (the new girl in town) had arrived yesterday but had spent the night elsewhere due to some mishap. Lu came in while we were eating dessert (delicious apple pie) and after dinner I asked her for the name of the store where she’d gotten a key finder she’d shown me a few days ago (I’m thinking about getting her a birthday present from there).

Pretty pink building that caught my eye on the way to the cave

I spent the rest of the night doing homework which wasn’t much but a bit tough. I also found out that Sleepy Hollow plays tonight and is dubbed in French. I couldn’t really concentrate though due to my homework. I then Facetimed some family members to check up on them.

I got to go to sleep now.


Aisha Isabelle

September 2014

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