First Visit to La Poste

Things are going really well. I’m starting to get the hang of it (things). All the clothes that I brought don’t really fit me anymore. Not only in the sense of size but also in the sense of fitting me as a person. I was self conscious about my outfit today even though there was nothing fundamentally wrong with it. I just didn’t feel like it fit my body.

I went to the library to make photocopies of the documents I had to send to l’OFII but I needed some type of card so I got off the tram at Jean Médicin and walked to the Lignes D’Azur where I knew there was a copy machine. One tip: never start the machine with 2 Euros (which comes in the form of a coin) cause you don’t get change back.

I was a bit leery of sending posts because I would have to speak French (and I didn’t want to have any confusion) but thankfully the lady there was nice and direct. She could tell I was a bit uncomfortable responding in French so she asked me what language I wanted like her to communicate in. (And the post office has copy machines!)

On my way back home I realize I have to let go of all my insecurities. If I think something is off (like my outfit) then so be it. Acknowledge how I feel then move on.

When I got home I sent in a homework assignment then started in on the readings. I had Nostalgie radio playing in the background when Lu knocked on my door to give me a pair of fuzzy slippers. She asked me how I got the radio playing on TV and I showed her.

Later in the evening I switched the radio back to TV and there was this show, round-table fashion with an audience, that was playing. I recognized one of the guests’ face then when his name showed up on the screen I googled it and found out that he (actor/model) is the face of Chanel (and Longchamp?) that Marthe had pointed out to me days ago as attractive. He is playing Yves Saint Laurent in the movie, Saint Laurent, which comes out tomorrow. I was looking at his suit which was impeccably made, probably sponsored by Chanel (or YSL), and wishing that I had clothes that fit me that impeccably. Maybe I will meet a designer here who will outfit me with the best of the best (fingers crossed).

After the show I turned to another channel where a movie, Mince Alors, was playing. It was super funny but I couldn’t concentrate since I still had my readings to finish. Jen then knocked on my door and I invited her in. She talked about how she felt a little left out of when her group (mostly Swiss) spoke German amongst themselves. I hope things get better for her at school.

At dinner we all had a great time. Lu’s dance teacher was a bit late to her lesson which was the reason for the late dinner. We talked about sports and accents and I offered to help Lu with her English coursework whenever she wanted. I still have to read an excerpt of La Maladie Imaginaire by Molière so peace out.

A demain.

P.S This morning, after stepping out of the house, I realized I forgot to put on deodorant today so I rushed over and bought one right across the street on the way to school. That one shall stay in my backpack in case I need it in the near future. Also the bus was super packed on the way back from school so I think I may start walking directly to the tramway if there are too many people at the bus stop.

September 2014


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