Eze Venture

I went to Eze today. I almost missed the train at Gare SNCF because I ignored my alarm. When we got on, the train was packed and when we got off I saw the huge mountain we were about to climb. First off, I’m not a fan of heights. Secondly, I do not like climbing steps/working out my thighs. All the other students had no troubles ascending that mountain and they went at a fast pace. I was not at all trying to go at their pace so I hung back most of the time.

 My professor noticed this and asked me if I was okay and I admitted my fear (of heights to him). He told me that I could either stop and go back down, or continue at my own pace. I didn’t quit. I trudged on slowly along the path named after Nietzsche (and he hung back with me; how am I less agile than him?).

Bl-IMG_0805 Bl-IMG_0828

When we got to the top there was a pretty town. The group separated from our professor and had lunch at this nice place called La Taverne. I had Ail et Piment Linguine and sirop d’eau (fraise grenadine). We had a lively conversation at lunch then met back with our professor.


All the time I was walking through the town I kept on thinking that my art history professor would have loved the place; there are paintings, jewelry, woodwork. Once we met up with our professor again we went to the Jardin Exotique. I kept noticing these statues with the same silhouette/figures and found that some sculptor had created a collection on goddesses. Each had a name and a quote.Bl-IMG_0799 We also went to this area that looked like an outdoor spa to me with waterfalls and all. I loved the lounge chairs because it curved perfectly along the back. (Video below)


On the descent, the others went ahead and it was me and my professor left behind.

We caught up, got on the train, went back to Nice, then Stacia, Marthe, and I went to Foot Locker then Nice Étoile. I wanted to go to Vieille Nice but I had to return home to drop off my sandwich. Dropped it off, got off the tram at Opera Vieille Ville, found out they were still at Nice Étoile so I walked to Place Massena (our meeting point) and FaceTimed a couple of people while waiting.

The girls met me, said hi to my the person on my phone, then we headed off to Vieille Ville. I got grapefruit ice cream from Fenocchio (tangy, sour-ish), then walked around for a couple of minutes. We decided to go home and Marthe suggested the Velo Bleu (city bikes) so I went along; rode along the tramway tracks.

Everywhere was crowded and I think I’ll only ride it at night or when there aren’t many people up and about. Came home, showered and decided to wash my hair. After dinner I got a FaceTime call from my family; V and Jen said hi. Later on, Lu came in for a bit. V went out then Lu and Jen and I watched Bridesmaids. Jen and I will be walking/running tomorrow. Good luck to me and goodnight.

September 2014

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