Monaco II: Male Models

I visited Monaco with Jen today to go back to that market I happened upon on my other visit. We had gone for a run earlier this morning which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The market wasn’t there (a big letdown) so we walked back to the Monte Carlo stop and on the way down to the gardens by the central area where the casinos and Hotel de Paris are, we saw two models in suits sitting on a bench with a camera crew around them.

Jen and I continued our walk to Place du Casino and after taking photos, we returned to the garden and sat on a bench right in sight of them and it was fun to watch. One of them was very hot and I really wanted to take a picture but I felt awkward about it (and there was a huge tree blocking a part of the view).


I managed to sneak one though and just when I thought they were wrapping up, they walked right past Jen and I and then turned around and walked past us again. I tried to snap a profile pic but I was just a second or two too late. When they were gone, Jen suggested we go speed dating. Maybe.

On the way home there was traffic and I was sleepy and then hungry. Walking through the smaller streets in Nice, I stopped at this one place I thought may be for older ladies but I found some nice things. I bought a light cover-up sweaterish thing and then as I was leaving I spied a 10 euro basket and found the black pants I’d been wanting.

We got in about 8pm and V had a friend over. We ate dinner together. They were cracking up the whole time (and V’s friend cracked a whole walnut with her fingers). We told V about the speed dating idea. Jen and I were also thinking about going to a casino in Monaco (which would be fun). It was all fun but I had to leave the table early because I had homework due by midnight (or is it noon??). I also talked to a friend back home (in the U.S.) before and after dinner and it was great seeing her. I am currently watching some speech Leonardo Di Caprio gave at some gathering and then I am going to bed.

Peace out 🙂

September 2014


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