The Night was Awesome

I didn’t do much the day before yesterday; I finger curled my hair. Yesterday after school I went to the ATM with Marthe then we tried to find this event that Alex told us was for international students. After going back and forth down Jean Médecin we figured out it was along the Promenade des Anglais (like Alex had said). We arrived late and we were a bit scared to interrupt the speeches going on. From the entrance we could see that everyone was super dressed-up.

After convincing Marthe to stay, we walked into the chamber (of secrets), sat in the wrong section, then got up and moved to the section for students. ESN (Erasmus Student Network) seems like it offers many things: party bus to Monaco, ski trips, etc. so I’m glad we stayed and got our cards. People (in line) were pushy though. There was also a buffet with little snacks.

After I got home I joined everyone for dinner and the food, similar to jollof rice, was delicious. V had a headache (I hope she feels better tomorrow).

Marthe and I had decided earlier to go to the ESN welcome party. It was at L’Etoile Club and the info box said to dress-up. We got there at about 11:10pm, waited in line for a bit, then got in. We sat on one end of a couch and within 10 minutes a girl sat on the next couch and started talking to us. She’s from England. Her other friends soon joined us then they left (probably to get drinks). Marthe went to the couches at the back to talk to a group of girls then waved me over. Two were from Japan and one was Colombian. We then went to the dance floor and started dancing.

The British girls we’d met earlier as well as a guy joined us. He dance right next to me and complimented my dancing skills. I soon learned that he was Irish, knew the Baltimore Ravens, and loves American football. Marthe and I screamed right there and then. Later on the British girls brought more of their friends and it was Raheem and his friends.

The night was awesome overall and I am glad we chose to go to the meeting. I also saw Marthe’s blog and it was amazing!

Night night,

Aisha Isabelle

October 2014

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