Yay Growth!

I don’t remember much of what I did yesterday; I went to class an hour and a half late and later that evening, Brandon, Marthe, and I met at the fountain in Masséna, then headed to meet Alex and her friend Cami at Le Sansas, then bounced off to High Club. High Club was very bright, flashy, electro. I wasn’t feeling the music too much and I don’t think I’ll be going back (costs 10 euros too).

I gotta be more proactive and move out the box.

The next day, I went out and got a salad for lunch, ate it and watched part of Jersey housewives, painted my nails, stopped at Lignes D’Azur to recharge my card, met Brandon and Marthe at the fountain, then headed to Vieille Nice for some shopping. I got a ring, bandeau, and bathing suit. Then along Jean Médecin I got a long semi-sweater Primod dress, a blue shirt with lacework at another shop, and a burgundy top with leather elbow patches at Bershka. I don’t know if that last one is worth it but I got thick leggings for winter. I’ll sleep on it. We also ran into Raheem’s friends. They were on skateboards and I am going to learn how to ride one soon (this summer).

When I got back my laundry was done and sitting pretty. I had dinner then I had to jet off to the théâtre. We met someone there who was an alumna of my program and is now teaching English in Nice. She is also scheduling some type of speaking exchange with French students that we can attend weekly? biweekly? Anyway, we got front row seats and in walked one of my French professors from my university who also wrote my letter of recommendation.

The play, La Maladie Imaginaire by Molière, was okay. Afterwards, Alex and Marthe had to eat dinner so we walked down Masséna till we found somewhere and then Cami and her friend joined us, then Yufan. We ate, drank, then headed off to get a Velo Bleu and head to the beach. At this point, only Marthe, Alex, Cami, and Yufan, and I were left. Got there, skipped rocks, talked about life, played charades, danced to Beyoncé, then called it a night. I’m glad I chose to go rather than returning home. Yay growth :). And I had Apartment on replay on the bike ride on the way back home.

October 2014


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