Let Go of Hangups

Nice, France

So I just came back from a night out. I basically did little today; caught up on Housewives and did some exercises. I then tried to see if there were extra tickets going to Monaco with Marthe but we were unsuccessful. We saw Raheem and his friends at Checkpoint though and met an English and a Mexican guy. We saw the British girl again and she was cool.

Me, Marthe, and Brandon stayed at Checkpoint for a bit, met a couple French guys (still not confident speaking it) then headed to a Hookah bar to join Yufan and Elaina, whom I just met for the first time. Elaina’s friend was also visiting. We went to Wayne’s then Pompeii, then Waynes again. Brandon and I had a conversation about personality types and I just need to let go of hangups I have about how I think I should be because I am not that. I need to go. Goodnight.

 October 2014

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