Honey in Menton

Bl-001Menton, France

I went to Menton with Stacia, Alex, Brandon, and Sarena. Menton is known for its lemons and we saw a few lemon trees as we walked to the tourisme office. We strolled along the boardwalk until we entered a part of the town where there was a market. People were selling clothing, jewelry, china, carvings. This market was close to a museum that had a sprawling gecko/lizard stone mosaic on the front grounds.


We eventually made our way to a smaller part of town and into a shop that specialized in honey. There were so many kinds of flavored honey, all of which I tasted, and my favorite was miel au citron (the lemon flavored one). I decided to purchase the candy drop version.

After we left, we made our way up to a church, and further up through a very small neighborhood, and eventually came above to see a beautiful vista of the beach. On one side was a cemetery and we decided to walk through it. I found this walk to be very soothing and Bl-005I took pictures of the town from above the cemetery and also of a beautiful flower that caught my eye. So I apparently went to Menton on October 10th, 2014 but since I did not journal about the trip and I have lost the folder containing most of the pictures I took, I have reconstructed everything from memory and the few pictures I have left. One thing I definitely do remember about that small section of the town is that there were stone mosaic designs and patterns throughout the area.


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  1. […] was a pervading sense of sadness, walking through the streets and visiting the shops. The honey store that I loved had been transformed into a different business still within the condiment space but it […]


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