Reality Shows & Weird Smells

Nice, France

I didn’t have school today so I woke up around 11:30AM then at 12 something I ate bread with chocolate spread and tea as well as yoghurt. I started my Netflix monthly trial (tried to see if I could be charged in dollars instead of euros) then watched the beginning of the swan princess (in french). I’d never heard of it. I had been searching for Housewives of Jersey before I opened the account but then they didn’t have many (most) reality shows (that I watch). Boo!

Around two thirsty thirty, there was a weird sulfuric smell and I didn’t know what to do so I just opened the window in my room (I believe the apartment above was getting some work done at the time). Then I climbed into bed and read for a few hours before calling home then taking a shower. An hour later we ate dinner. Then I returned, finished homework and did my reading for this week. Now it’s time to go. Bonne nuit. I really enjoyed today.


October 2014



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