St. Paul de Vence

St. Paul de Vence, France


On Friday I went to le village of St. Paul de Vence. I really loved it there.


The art exhibition/galleries, the artwork, the stores- several of which sold jams, and honey, and candy. It is a very charming place. We (Stacia, Sarena, Brandon) had trouble finding the bus stop but we made it right on time.


I found a jewelry store where all the items were €10 (each). I got a piece that came with three individual strands two with elephants as pendants and one with a leaf. I figured they would make excellent presents for me, my mom, and my sister. They are also similar to beaded jewelry from West Africa.


Bl-IMG_1175 Bl-IMG_1178







We also saw a few cats around town and even one in the church. I gave an offering and lit the candle. Earlier I’d been watching a video that had been talking about that so I guess the Universe was conspiring for me to do that.

St Paul de Vence cats

 I went into a gallery with antique/rare objects for sale and I especially loved the section with the jewelry from India/the Indus valley. The lady there really thought I was a prospective client and some of the bangles there reminded me of some Fulani designs. Maybe one day I’ll be able to walk in there and buy one antique gold bangle for a thousand euros.


As I left St. Paul de Vence I stopped to get my first crêpe which was sugar and lemon. It was quite good. On the way back home I saw on Groupon a deal to go to a Liverpool v Real Madrid game in Barcelona and I was considering it but it’s on a school day and I have no one to go with (sucks).


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