Nice, France

Today we had our independent study class then headed to our first DST (midterms) after lunch. I think I did a fair job; it all depends on how the teachers decide to grade. I was feeling very disheartened though because I didn’t think I did well and I don’t think I’m improving (such a juicy contradiction). I have six weeks until the final and I have to buckle down and get with the program. I must read and listen more.

After school I went to around Massena and Jean Médecin. Brandon was looking for pants, Marthe espadrilles, and Alex met us there. I got lush soap for 15 euros which I thought was a bit high but treat yo self. We then went to Zara where I saw these shoes I’ve been looking for for 9.99. I’m going back tomorrow to see if they have it in my size. I also returned some item to a store and met Elaina on the way there. I parted ways there with her and after with Brandon then hopped in and out of H&M and then came home.

I listened to a podcast while checking emails. The dinner was just me, Jen, and V. The girls were on vacation/break so they are away. We talked about jobs and I learned about some jazz musician Jimmy….

After dinner I’ve been on the computer and on my phone trying to create space. I listened to Susan Boyle and now Enrique’s album which made me look up his tour dates. in Europe. I’m enjoying it so much I really want to go to one. I want a VIP package which is 350/450 euros so I guess I better start sniffing money. No time like the present.

Written October 2014


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