In a world of unrest, worry will not help. Action is needed.

As soon as I get in the house, I turn on the TV. On reflex I mute it and quickly attempt to switch the channel. It’s currently on the news channel. I hate the news. The channel never changes despite repeated attempts to input 0-2-OK. I take a quick glance at what’s on. 73 Dead. Dead where? France.

On instinct I grab my phone. OH MY GOD MY SISTER’S IN FRANCE. I glance again and see Nice. Okay, she is fine. And then it registers. NICE. MY FIRST FRENCH HOMETOWN. MY HOST FAMILY. FRIENDS. ACQUAINTANCES. I freeze.

I don’t really understand what’s going on. I want to reach out to people yet I don’t want to bother them. It’s already so late there. Do I have the right to call them at that hour? What if someone I know isn’t fine. I go on Facebook and see a couple of people are okay. I send a message  on my phone. I think to call tomorrow at a “more decent” time. To check in. With people. I don’t want to be a hassle.

I feel distant from it all till I actually start typing my messages. Are you okay? How about everyone? My hands start shaking terribly and it all becomes real.

In a world at crisis how do we cope? How do we make it through? How will we survive?

 In a world of unrest, worry will not help. Action is needed.

May every soul find peace.

May every soul find love.

May every soul find light.


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