Game Day

Nice, France

On Saturday I woke up at 1:44pm, checked things on my computer, watched the People’s Couch, and then White Collar and Modern Family with Jen. I had to call the OGC office (Nice’s professional football team) because I couldn’t print out the ticket and they said it would work on the phone as well. I then left for the bus stop and once I got to the stadium I had a bit of trouble with using the bar code scanner to validate the ticket on my phone. I then had to figure out getting to my seat.

I got to my seat and an older lady was sitting there but I didn’t make a big deal of it and sat one seat over. She told me that she’d been a fan for over 30 years even though she had stopped following soccer at a certain point in time. This was also her first time at a professional soccer match.

I was excited to see Yoann Gourcuff, which I told her but she informed me that he was injured and would not be there. I was disappointed because six years had been leading up to this moment where I get to see him in person- and it didn’t happen.

The match was good. Lyon won but OGC Nice was strong too. I didn’t even use my binoculars (but thanks V!).

When I got home I ate dinner while watching the People’s Couch. I would say that going to the match was a good experience in that it was something I did all on my own completely by myself.

November 2014


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