Lit to Jams

Nice, France

So yesterday I woke up late (my phone was updating software so the alarm didn’t go off), my hair wouldn’t cooperate, and I was not pleased when I saw the score for my literature midterm. I was so unsettled I had to leave class to figure things out.  I emailed my professor and asked if I could be moved to a lower level literature class and I then got lunch, watched Christley Knows Best, used the Fluent U app, then took  a nap until 6pm.

After dinner I twisted my hair. Jen and I then met up Marthe and Brandon at Place Masséna and walked to Jams, a bar that showcases live music. It was a really great atmosphere there and both bands that performed were awesome. As I was admiring the silver glitter drums, I noticed there was one guy off to the side in red pants who did not look at all enthused to be there (he was playing the tambourine) while his bandmates were having a ball with their instruments. One guy was playing an instrument I had never seen before. It was like a lyre, with strings like the harp and a calabash looking bottom. On the calabash part was the figure of a man painted in black.

P.S.- V is planning to celebrate her birthday here at Jams and I may not make it because I’ll be returning from Toulouse on that same day and the plane doesn’t land until around 10pm. I just really hope and pray that I’ll be able to make it.



November 2014

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