The Will to Commit

Nice, France

Today I met up with my ESN buddy (french conversation partner) and she was lovely. She is actually in my African dance class. Marthe came along, we went for lunch, and we talked about school, and home, and our backgrounds. She is from Paris and is currently studying in Nice. I really liked her hairstyle and she reminded me a bit of a friend back home.

After lunch, just as we were leaving, my professor called me and told me that it was too late to change levels and reassured me that he will work with me weekly so I get better. He also told me not to get discouraged.

After the call my friend and I walked to Zara and Nice Etoile. I saw a lot of fur (not real) I really liked.  When we walked into Hollister I ran into Yufan’s friend from the other night. There were a lot of pretty dresses there but I didn’t have enough cash on me to get anything.

When I got home I became determined that by the time this semester ends I will be so fluent that I will shock everyone (spoiler alert: I now laugh in hindsight because I didn’t become fluent by semester’s end but two years later with time and dedication I’ve come so far with my language skills that I’m comfortably navigating my way in France).

Later that day after dinner, V, Jen, and I went on a night hunt for Marthe’s wallet and found it. Then Jen and I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin.

I’m currently getting ready for tomorrow, packing for Toulouse. Then I have to figure out the ride to the airport before going to bed.



November 2014


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