Toulouse in a nutshell

bl-img_1851Toulouse, France So I woke up very happy for some reason today, on this last day in Toulouse; maybe it was because the sun was shining and it’s been very grey all weekend. Marthe, Brandon, Stacia, Alex, and I took a guided tour of the city which I enjoyed then had lunch and went on a relaxing walk around town.


On the first day in Toulouse, it was grey and super cold and there was a demonstration/protest going on right near our hotel (the atmosphere in town was very charged due to a previous protest where a protester lost his life; there were crowds and police teams concentrated in certain parts of the city).

bl-dscn0789After checking in, we (Marthe, Brandon, Stacia, Alex, our professor, and I) went on a canal ride which was long and a bit boring. We amused ourselves by waving to people walking and biking along the water way and seeing how many would wave back.

bl-dscn0865 bl-dscn0869Then later that day, at night we got an exclusive tour of Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques. It has an extensive history and over the ages acted as a monastery/church/pilgrim-mage stop/hospital but in modern times it is currently acting as Toulouse’s regional health/medical administrative building/center.

Once the tour of Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques came to an end, we made our way to a restaurant for dinner and I had lamb and also a pear and ice cream dessert. I made sure to request that the lamb be well-cooked and the waiter looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I was sure. Much later that night Alex, Brandon, and I went out for a bit but there was really nothing that engaging.

The next morning we all took the train to Carcassonne and it was super bl-dscn0976fcold and windy. We visited this medieval castle/fortress and did an audio tour. After the tour we walked around the area and I got a bag of assorted candies which I finished  before we got back on the train. That night we just stayed in and watched TV. I must have had a really good rest because I unexpectedly woke up with a sunny disposition on our last day in Toulouse as mentioned above. I have to say there’s no better way to close out a trip than by being surprised with feeling a deeper inner connection to your yourself.

November 2014

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