Partying & Speaking Dutch

Nice, France

The evening when I got back from Toulouse, I found that Jen was waiting for me to return home so that we could go to V’s B-day celebration at Jams. We took the tram and ran into Amie and Lu while walking there. Once at Jams, I spotted Grace first and then said hi to V, we took pictures, then Jen and I found seats and then got drinks. We saw V’s walnut cracking friend again and I asked her how they (she and V) had met.

The band playing was really good and Jo, one of V’s friends, joined them for a bit and played the piano. There were these two guys who hoisted V into the air once the cake with the sparklers came out and even though I took a piece of cake, I couldn’t really eat much of it because I’d just eaten right before I got there. I’d been sitting the whole time since I’d gotten there and when Grace came over, she took my purse for ransom. She told me I had to dance to get it. The band was playing what I would classify as oldies but goodies; I was wearing a sweater and it was really hot in there. Jen and I also met a sculptor and I may be visiting his gallery to see what kind of work he does.

When Jen and I left the party around 12:40 am, we went to Checkpoint to meet up with her friends from school. They were playing good music to dance to but we left a few minutes after we had arrived. By that time it was raining pretty hard, so we sat under the eaves at Masséna; the tram was set to arrive in 27 minutes so we were either going to wait for the rain to stop and then continue walking, or take the tram once it arrived. We decided to go with whichever came/happened first. Thankfully the rain stopped a few minutes after we sat, and so we walked home.

On the walk home I learned a few phrases in Dutch such as my name is, I come from, and I study at the University. 


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