Strange Food & Love

Nice, France

I spent all day watching shows online and then when dinnertime came around we were all looking for Jen. She came in right as we started dinner and she announces that she’d (finally) found shies un her size. We tried Cannelés, a delicacy Bordeaux is apparently famous for, but I wasn’t too fond of it. The texture, and the taste as well,l was weird, foreign, strange, unfamiliar.

The next day I tried writing an essay on Toulouse then walked to get a sandwich and went on to Fenocchio where I got a Pina Cola and Lavender ice cream. So good!

When I got back I talked to V about leaving at the end of the semester and she understood my frustration with school. I definitely would stay if school was engaging but alas, we shall see…

Lu gave me a necklace with “love” as the pendant after dinner which I really needed at this time.  V also gave me Qu’est-ce qu’on fait au Bon Dieu dvd to watch and I invited Marthe come over to watch it with me.


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