Paris: First Time Around + Video

Paris & Versailles, France

2 Years Later…

I’m on a new journey back to France and my first stop is Paris (which I didn’t get to see last time around). The following is an account of my first trip to PARIS! + video


Day 1

After landing, I got my bags checked in, got my phone plan situated, then went back to my hostel so I could sleep for a few hours. I was then picked up by a friend later that day and she and her family hosted me for the week.

Day 2

I lost my metro pass for the week on the bus so I had to get another one and it was soooo frustrating to have to deal the that. I eventually got over it, went to Notre Dame and once I arrived and stepped inside a singing/chanting session began. It was amazeballs! 🙂

I met two Americans from New York who were really nice and they helped direct me to an Open Tour bus stop. I briefly spoke to the driver then decided to get an Open Tour bus ticket and took a ride around to see the Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde, and the Eiffel Tower.

Day 3

Today started off much better than the previous one. Since the ticket I had purchased the day before included a boat ride along the Seine, I took the Open Tour bus to get to the boat dock along the river. After the lovely and relaxing cruise, I hopped back onto the Open Tour bus to get to the Louvre stop and then walked to the Musée d’Orsay and spent about an hour there just soaking in the beauty of the artwork. I really liked the clock hanging above the entrance of the museum. The bus driver who picked me up when I returned to the Louvre stop remembered me from yesterday and he was really nice. Once I got off the bus and to the train station I ran into a lady who was realy helpful. There was a major delay with one of the trains and she helped me reconfigure.

Day 4

I went to Versailles and it was amazing! The gardens are huge and gorgeous and the palace aesthetics were giving me life with all that Louis XIV realness (he was really something else). I also treated myself to lunch at one of the restaurants by one of the waterfronts hosting a few rowboats. I thought it was really cool that you could rent golf carts to take you around the gardens and since I have a secret obsession with golf carts I will definitely be coming back someday even if it’s just to treat myself to a golf cart ride in them gardens.

Day 5

I met up with other language assistants and we went to lunch. A couple of them needed to get their phones working so one of the other girls and I walked them to the place. After everything was settled, we went to the Luxembourg gardens. It is a really nice garden and I would definitely love to read a book and relax there.


Day 6


I met up with two assistants today and we went to Sacré-Coeur -so many steps!- and then returned to the hostel where one of them was staying and chatted a bit. We later parted with the assistant staying there and the remaining assistant and I then headed to a restaurant for dinner. I had the Aloha salad which was delicious.


Day 7

Now it has been a week and I am on the train headed to my next stop.

Paris was not at all how I imagined it to be. It felt like just another




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  1. […] That evening, my sister and I visited the Louvre because it apparently closes at 9 or 10 on Friday nights and it was spectacular. Even though this is my second Louvre visit, I see it as my first because the first one doesn’t count. […]


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