Canal in Brittany


cropped-bl-ddct4159-1.jpgBrittany, France  


I will be spending the next few months living in Northwestern France in the region known as La Bretagne or rather Brittany (to the English speaking world). Being in Paris for the past seven days had been a hectic experience and I was glad to be moving on to my new town where I will be teaching for the year.

On Sunday, I rode the train to my new town and when I arrived, Leah, the teacher in charge of me, picked me up from the train station. She took to me the apartment where I’ll be living and being super thoughtful, she already had some groceries waiting for me. Since she had invited over to her place for dinner that night, I put away the groceries at once and placed my bags in my room. She then drove us to her place and pointed out some interesting sites along the way. Once we arrived at her house, I got to meet her family – really nice- and also the pets (two dogs); I also really liked her zen garden which had a pond with some fish in it.

Before having dinner, we hopped back into the car again, this time accompanied by her husband and one of her kids, and took a ride to see the canal which had apparently been used way back in the day to transport goods/merchandise from Nantes (which is south and inland) all the way to Brest ( which is north and is currently a Marine base at the very western shore of the Brittany region). We took a peaceful walk along the canal and I took some pictures while she pointed out a building, told me different stories about the town and region, and also informed me that each year bikers plan bike races/ rides following the canal and passing through several towns.

When we got back to her house we had some homemade pizza, and other food I can’t quite remember, then she dropped me off at my apartment and I got settled for the night.


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