First weeks in Finistère


I have been in the department of Finistère for two weeks and everything is going really well. I taught my first class yesterday and a few classes today. Everyone has been really sweet, Leah especially. She helped me get settled, open an account, and sign up for internet.

The town I am living in is super small. During my first week I met a few professors ( in French high schools teachers are called professors) and it was so weird to be in the teachers lounge. I also got to meet the principal and the vice principal.

During my second week, I went to the store (Leah took me). I also signed up for a card at the library and then I went to the aquatics center to get a card that will give me access to aqua classes. That Saturday I ended up attending an aquagym class and it was actually relaxing.

Last Thursday I woke up super early to get to Brest for an orientation. I met many teaching assistants there and we had a workshop. After it was over, there were no more trains or buses going to my town so I decided to get a train to Rennes (capital city of Brittany/la Bretagne aka the whole northwestern region of France). All the hotels were booked up last minute and I managed to make a reservation before my phone almost died. When I got to Rennes however, I was so exhausted that I ended up just walking into the nearest hotel to the station, booking a couple of nights there, and canceling my previous reservation.


October 2016


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