A World of Wonder

Brittany, France

I woke up in a cleaning mood today. I’m washing some linens after finally figuring out/mastering the machines (after two failed attempts). This vacation period has been time for me to be introspective and hibernate. What I did was mostly sleep and cook and try to watch movies/videos but I didn’t succeed too much in accomplishing the last task. My mind was just too distracted to focus. It has been lonely at times but also freeing. I have gone for a walk a couple of times, explored my surroundings and soaked in the sunshine. I like that the temperature here is still mild (in terms of coldness) during the day. I need to get a bike but I would absolutely love to have a car especially for grocery runs. I have also started an online course and I am slowly finding my way. I am following my intuition. I am opening up to life and leaving behind my preconceived notions of what and how my life is supposed to be. It is.

So now it is time to embrace it and take what comes with grace as I create experiences I desire to enmesh myself, my spirit, and my senses in. Life is about engagement so in a nutshell I am changing the way I engage with the world, with myself, and with my desires.

I love what is coming my way, what has come my way, and what is yet to come.

I live in a world of wonder.


Aisha Isabelle



November 2016


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