Weekend: Amiens & Paris Part I

Last weekend I was in Amiens. I stayed with Stacia, met her roommate, and also caught up with Sarena. It was nice to reconnect.

The journey the was long but when I arrived around 11pm Stacia and her roommate were there to pick me up from the train station which made me happy 🙂 . The next morning, after getting ready for the day, I took a walk around town heading for brunch and I stopped in this cool store called Flying Tiger Copenhagen. It had so many amazing cool things and I got buzzers (which I plan to implement in the classroom through games/trivia) and a knitting loom. I look forward to using these items. I then made my way to a restaurant where I had an early lunch. It was a huge burger (wasn’t expecting it to be that big) with lots of fries and a little side salad.

After lunch, I made my way to the cathedral which was STUNNING.
I loved the feeling of being in there and I also loved the giant statue of an Angel holding a book. I think here was some event scheduled to take place so I finished walking around the church as the congregation started filing in and made my way back to Stacia’s.


I love Amiens. I love the vibe of the city and how it is arranged; it just felt good to be there.

Once at Stacia’s, I drank a cup of tea, we chatted, I braided her hair and a few hours later Sarena arrived. By that time we were so hungry and we ordered sushi then watched Eagle Eye as we waited for it to arrive. The food was good and we got complimentary dessert (nutella rolls) and soda. After the movie we went to bed since we had set plans for the following day.

****Stay tuned for video coming soon (next post 😉 )****





November 2016


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