Weekend: Amiens & Paris Part II

The next day, Sarena and I headed out to a café for breakfast and Stacia met up with us there. I had a pain au chocolat, pain au sucre (?), and some chocolat chaud. Once were done we walked to our rideshare meetup spot and met with the driver and his friend. They were really cool and were heading to Paris to get some mentoring on their film project. During the car ride they asked us to play some of our music after playing some of theirs.

When we arrived in Paris, the driver somehow managed to parallel park in a super tiny spot with the help and direction from his friend. We then walked to the nearest train station and parted ways.
The three of us were actually in Paris to attend the march organized there following the elections. The first thing we did was find the starting point of the march and then get lunch. On our walk back to the big group of people carrying signs, I got contact solution, and we passed by the police who were dressed very similarly to cartoons, the padding and straps that made up their gear made them look like action figures. We talked some to the people along the way during the march.

Once we went past the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero area, we broke away from the group and made our way to a café to warm up and I had some hot chocolate while we researched our dinner options. We ended up going to an Ethiopian restaurant called Melenik and we had the vegetarian platter. This was my first Ethiopian food experience and it was lovely.

After dinner, Stacia bought some fruits and then we met with another driver to get back to Amiens. By this time we were exhausted but we did pass by the Arc de Triomphe. It was cool to see it at night.When we got back in I quickly got ready for bed because my train was leaving super early the next morning.







November 2016


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