Postcards From France

Brittany, France.

I was very tired on Tuesday but by the time I got to my last class of the morning I was energized. The lesson I planned for this week was on The Roaring Twenties. We explored the topics of the Prohibition era including Speakeasys, mobsters and the rise of organized crime, The Harlem Renaissance including touching a bit on Langston Hughes, The Jazz Age and the migration and introduction of Jazz to the North(east) from its provenance in New Orleans, Women’s (Suffrage) Right to Vote and lastly, the shocking trends in women’s fashion (flappers, bobbed hair, pearls, and “scandalously” short and loose dresses).

After teaching this lesson all week, and having a blast exploring themes from that time period with students, I definitely see some areas where I can adapt the lessons for each class.

In the evening, Louise took me grocery shopping and we went through the store quickly because she had a townhall meeting coming up. She made us beef with spaghetti squash for dinner and after eating we met up with Richard who led us to the hall where the meeting was taking place.

The meeting was about a graffiti/street art event that will be taking place over the summer. I met with the ladies who were handling the presentation and they were nice; I was given free postcards that featured local graffiti works.

Wednesday- My first class group was awesome today and I had lasagna and avocado for lunch. I also reported some issues with the microwave and the tv in my apartment and by the time I came back in the evening, the decoder was replaced and the tv is working! 🙂

Friday- I have finally met the last of my group of students for the first time after about a month being here. The reason behind this is because we had gone on break for les Vacances de la Toussaint (a two-week All Saints holiday observed by schools here). They had great energy and were open to participating. 

At lunch, Louise and Richard invited me to come along on a short trip…

Coming up in next post 😉





November 2016


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  1. […] invited me to come along with Richard and her to Spezet to pick up lamps that some of the students had created last year and that were on display […]


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