Butter Surprise!

Brittany, France

Louise invited me to come along with Richard and her to Spezet to pick up lamps that some of the students had created last year and that were on display at the library there.

I agreed to go with them later that day and after lunch
I headed to the collège to see if I could discuss volunteering there for a few hours a week. The lady who showed me into the main office was nice and being in the collège was so interesting because the atmosphere was super lively (when compared to that of the lycée). The students were running around and shouting and screaming and playing during their lunchbreak. Once I got into the building I met with the principal who informed me that he would forward my proposition to the English teachers.

Later in the afternoon  I met back up with Louise and Richard. Richard and I broke off to get a school vehicle and I got to see the garage where students enrolled in technical programs work on cars. The space was huge; there were loads cars and I was amazed by the variety. We brought one of the vans up to the front of the school to pickup Louise and then we hit the road.Bl-IMG_3821_2

When we got to the library in Spezet I wandered around the space while Louise and Richard were engaged with the librarian and I ended up in this room that featured an exposition on the history of butter which made me smile. The northwestern region of France is a huge agricultural contributor and especially produces tons of dairy products.

Once the van was loaded up, we returned to the school, unloaded the van again, and then went our separate ways. I really appreciate the unexpected outing. The butter exposition site was small but informative and I got to see an “ancient” laundromat site on the way into town.



collège – middle school

lycée high school

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December 2016


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