Breton Bowls and Holiday Spirit

Brittany, France

Monday– The week following the trip to Brest, I had to prepare a lesson on Britain for one of my classes. I was looking for tape for one of the planned activities and I found some in a drawer in the living room.

Tuesday– I walked into town looking for scented candles. Anne, a science teacher, and another teacher are shooting a murder mystery with one of their groups of students and they will be filming in the apartment soon. I was hoping to find candles or incense that had a light scent. I had seen Papier d’Arménie (fragrant paper that you burn) in Brest and I wanted to see if I could find it here. Bl-IMG_4134_2It was a really foggy day. When I walked into town I stopped by Yves Rocher (a makeup/skincare store), La Maison Presse (books & newspapers), and a chocolate store that had a wonderful assortment of sweet goodies and tea. It was there that I came across a wonderful red teapot with an attached strainer.

All Chocolate! Yum.

After leaving the tea store I headed a bit further up and walked by a display of traditional Breton bowls- the ones you can get your name inscribed upon.  This region of France (La Bretagne/Brittany) is known for its beautiful vibrantly hand-painted ceramics. I am looking forward to getting one while I’m here.


Wednesday– I saw Madame Rose pulling out a Christmas tree in the teachers lounge and I was super excited. I got to help Madame Rose and Louise decorate the tree. As I was leaving school later that day I spotted another tree in the lobby.

Thursday– I packed in preparation for the weekend at Louise’s house in Auray. After loading my bag in her car, I was surprised with macarons. It was apparently Olivia’s birthday and Louise had snagged a couple of them for me to try. They were delicious.

When we drove into Auray the town was decorated for the holiday season. That evening, I met Louise’s husband, her younger daughter, and her two cats Domino and Mousse. We ate dinner and shortly after I went to bed.



December 2016



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