Christmas Market in Rennes

I went to Rennes with Louise and one of her daughters the morning following my first night in Auray. Louise and I walked around Parc Thabour which I really love and have visited before. This park truly feeds my spirit. I passed by the bird menagerie once again and when I got to the church connected to the park , I noticed for the first time that all the way at the top of the building, overlooking the city, was a humongous statue of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus.


I found that quite beautiful. I also walked by the water fountains near one of the gardens once more and I loved the sound of the gurgling water.

I discovered two statues by the menagerie and found a quiet area with a small pond and floating plants. The stalks of plants had identifying tags and getting to learn the names of some of them was cool. I passed by a wooden post structure sporting a beautiful garland which could have served as a picture perfect altar for a wedding ceremony.



When we left the park we headed to the Christmas market i.e. Marché de Noël (I’d been there before- read about my first time here). I ended up purchasing two portable phone battery chargers that double as speakers AND I was given an awesome discount.


After shopping we stopped by a pâtisserie ~ pastry shop ~ and Louise got me a chocolate beignet which I savored as we walked back to the car. Bl-IMG_4338_2_e

When we got back to Auray I helped crack some walnuts that went into the salad for dinner. We had potatoes and this hot melted cheese that you smother onto the potatoes as soon as you break into them. It was very good.Bl-IMG_4274_2_e

Discovering New Cheese



Superpower: Cracking Walnuts

December 2016

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