Carnac- Rocks on rocks on rocks

On Sunday, Louise’s husband drove us to the seaside in this car called a deux chevaux which is similar to Santa’s ride from the last post.

Despite it being a really foggy day, it was a cool outing because I got to see where the Gulf of Morbihan and the Atlantic Ocean meet. It was amazing! I love(d) hearing the sound of rushing water.


Louise and her husband then took me to other ports nearby. One was called La Trinite sur Mer which was beautiful with a wonderful array of boats and one tiny plane lined along the port.

After La Trinite sur Mer, we drove by Carnac and I got to see a field filled with Neolithic stones. I could see the rocks for miles.


We made one final stop at a small church nearby that Louise insisted I visit but we arrived at nightfall and it was closed.

The little church that was…closed.

When we got back in we had crepes for dinner and I got to try this delicious peach/apricot jam that Louise had made herself. It was marvelous.

On Monday, Louise dropped me off at the train station. I enjoyed my extended weekend (thanks to Leah who had agreed to move my Monday morning class to Tuesday). I am really thankful, grateful, amazed by Louise’s generosity in inviting me to her home. It was a wonderful experience and it was good to have a different type of experience with her family and friends who were all amazingly kind individuals.


DEC 16





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