Love in a Cage

Following my weekend trip to Auray I arrived right on time for my afternoon class and this week’s lesson was on the holiday season. I’m starting to adjust to being in the classroom and I’m grateful that my students are all wonderful even though they sometimes do get frustrated when they don’t understand every word that comes out of my mouth. I’m trying to bridge the gap of sticking to English and interjecting French only when necessary for comprehension.

Starting Tuesday, in each class, we played Pictionary and although some students were resistant to drawing, they ended up getting into it.

On Wednesday I came back from class to find my face smothered in white out. I’d used some earlier in the day but I have never realized that I touch my face that much during the day until this instant.

On Thursday there was a teacher picnic in the lounge. I brought in Orangina and Oreos. I tried this fruit called  l’amour en cage– literally “love in a cage”.

It was a ‘different taste’; sweet and sour and bitter all at the same time. Maybe that’s really what love’s all about; a cage full of sweet, bitter and sour.

After lunch, I asked for a miracle obtaining last minute tickets to Strasbourg at a low price. I was so grateful and proud of myself for following my intuition on holding off  getting tickets earlier because the deal appeared to me an hour and a half later.


In the evening, I went to dinner with Richard, Louise, Lara, and two other teachers. We got to meet one of the teacher’s sons and they were super sweet. I ate my first ever  galette which was sweet and slightly savory. It was loaded with goat cheese and honey along with either apricot or peaches.  The restaurant was decorated really nicely for the holidays. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. It was great to be there, to listen, and to take in the moment.


Dec 16



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