Strasbourg Day 1- Cats and Christmas Markets

I headed to my lodgings as soon as I arrived in Strasbourg. Our official host was out of town but appointed a friend, Claire, to take on the role.  Claire was really nice and I had a great conversation with her while waiting for Sarena to arrive. Bl-IMG_4651

After placing our things down in our room Sarena made plans for us to meet with Charlie, another assistant from her académie, at a cat café.  I enjoyed walking by the water and heading across the bridge to the cat café which also led to the Marché de Noël zone (Christmas market).  Before gaining entry to that part of town we were asked at a security checkpoint to open our bags for a search.



As soon as we made our way past the security checkpoint there were lights everywhere and the holiday decorations are FABULOUS. Different designs and themes hung along and above different streets.  Bl-IMG_4690




When we arrived at the cat café I wanted to order hot chocolate but I found out that the café had run out of it so I settled on a café noisette (even though I hate coffee); the coffee ended up tasting not bad at all.Once we sat down with Charlie, we watched the cats and had conversations about cats and cat psychology. We also briefly talked about the schools where we worked and shared what we found interesting about our experiences so far.





After leaving the café, we walked around for a bit trying to find La Petite France and stopped at a Thai restaurant for dinner. Following dinner, we wished Charlie good luck moving forward and then Sarena and I headed to our  lodgings. Bl-IMG_4692









On our way back I was tempted to get roasted chestnuts, because I’ve never tried them before, but I held off and instead requested some tea and honey when we got back in which Claire graciously supplied.

Hark the Heralds

After taking a shower, I sipped my tea and Sarena and I joined Claire in watching Miss France. We only stayed up until the top 5 before saying goodnight to Claire and heading to bed.



DEC 16



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