Strasbourg Day 2- Cathedrals & Unexpected Drinks

On our second day in Strasbourg, Sarena and I revisited the Marché de Noël (Christmas market) area. We started the day by getting passes to access several museums and visited the Musée  Archéologique  (Archeological Museum) and the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) then headed to the Palais Rohan (a palace). I had evidence throughout the day that my Angels and Guides were with me especially in the Musée des Beaux-Arts which had wonderful paintings of Angels and saints.

After the museum  visits we grabbed lunch at the Christmas market -I got a munster sandwich-and then headed to the Tomi Ungerer Museum which is essentially a museum containing illustrations and graphic art. Bl-IMG_4822On the way there we saw a huge statue which I intuitively knew was Janus and I loved it. When we got into the museum we headed to the bathroom first and found there were sadomasochistic type illustrations on that level (of course it’s housed in the basement!). We then headed back up a level to the ground floor and walked through the rooms with illustrations of children’s stories. It was at that point that some unexpected news came through and we took a break then agreed to head out.


A while later we continued on to visit the Strasbourg cathedral which was ah-mazing. I LOVED the astronomical clock inside.

After the leaving the church we entered another museum where I was able to explore a virtual reality simulation climbing to the top of the cathedral’s tower which was really cool.

Our next visit was to the Alsace Museum which housed reconstructed scenes and displayed artifacts of traditional Alsatian life throughout different periods of history. We stopped at an Indian restaurant afterwards for dinner. For my drink, I ordered a mango lassi not expecting to receive a mini pitcher of the beverage so I was wonderfully surprised when it arrived and dinner was good.


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