Lyon I

Bl-IMG_5007In the morning, Sarena and I walked to the station to catch our bus to Lyon. The ride there was very calm and I ended up watching Agora in addition to some other programs.  It was while I was watching Eat Pray Love that we arrived in Lyon. Lyon is a very big city and we were soon about to find that out.  We made a stop in FNAC before exiting the train station and heading to our lodging. The apartment was cold so we turned on the heat then headed to the mall to get food before preparing for the next day.

The following morning we went to the ticket office to get a weekly transportation pass but we were informed that the option was currently unavailable so we just got a day’s pass.  We made our way to Vieux Lyon and met up with Julia, another assistant, at the Musée Miniature & Cinéma (Movie Museum).  It was awesome to see the miniature scene collections (video on instagram highlights).  The museum showcased many original items from movie sets that I think movie buffs would find interesting.

After leaving the cinema we walked to get lunch. I had fries and an omelette with salad. Once finished with lunch we had to cross to the other side of the river to find the lifelike murals.Bl-IMG_5079

On the bridge Sarena requested I take a photo of her and while I was setting up her camera an old man photo bombed her. At first Julia, Sarena, and I all froze but then all these kids (at least five) came rushing behind the man and he started a conversation which turned out to be a really endearing encounter. He told us that he was Lyonnais and had lived in Lyon for a long time then pointed us in the direction of the murals. The murals were amazing and many of them looked lifelike.

We had to climb our way up to reach the biggest one, Le Mur des Canuts, which was ridiculously insane.

After taking pictures of them we headed to the Marché de Noël where I bought these delicious spreads that I’ll be enjoying for breakfast.


DEC 16


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