Lyon II

The next morning Sarena and I went to the tourism office and I was fascinated by this device that flipped numbers and said Thank you in several languages. Our first stop was a comic book store which hosted sketches all along the walls and ceilings.

Walking a few yards up from the store, we encountered this giant flower bouquet/tree sculpture by the waterfront which was beautiful.  We soon left the area to visit the church in Vieux Lyon.Bl-IMG_5337

After visiting the church we explored the area (I was on the lookout for the perfect candles) before meeting again with Julia for a late lunch. Following lunch we tried to find some traboules, ran into some nuns at night and then walked by the Palais de Justice which is a magnificent building. Bl-IMG_5401 (2)

I was entranced by the Weight of Oneself sculpture and the backdrop of the water in the scenery was beautiful.

The next day we went to the Basilique Fourviere and it was the most beautiful church I have ever been in. The artwork was amazing and there was a hymn coming from far off but I couldn’t tell if it was a recording or if it was really people singing somewhere in the private depths of the place. I loved loved loved the Basilique; it was inspiring.

There were Angels everywhere and I enjoyed perusing the gift shop where I bought a Saint Jacques (Saint James) card to remind myself to be present and take part fully in life. I loved the glass rosary beads as well and we were treated to a spectacular view of the city just a few feet from the shop.

We left the church shortly after for the ruins of an ancient Roman theater but it was super cold and after a few minutes at the site I decided to head back in; my hands were freezing and I needed warmth and relaxation.Bl-IMG_5653

Later that night we returned to the Fourviere to enjoy the amazing view at night. Lyon is definitely one of those cities where you can feel the ancient pull in its bones.



DEC 16



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