Lyon III

Sarena and I visited Bellecour to take pictures of St Exupery’s statue with The Little Prince. Le Petit Prince images and references are scattered throughout Lyon.

Afterward we headed to the Musée des  Confluences. The architecture is amazing and the huge ONLY LYON sign is only a few feet from the museum. We went by the docks where boats looked nice floating on the water.

We spotted ducks and swans and the water by the shoreline was surprisingly clear. After taking pictures with the ONLY LYON sign, Sarena and I took the bus (several buses) to Fort du Bruissin only to find out that it was closed.

We returned to Vieux Lyon and got a few souvenirs before heading in for the day.

The next morning, we headed to the gardens, les Jardins Botanique de Lyon, and it was more of a park, which were really beautiful. The grounds are enormous and I just really loved the atmosphere there.Bl-IMG_5858

Bl-IMG_5830People were active- running, walking, jogging, biking. We went into a few greenhouses (simulations of different ecological settings around the world) and I saw a couple of animals from a distance (there is apparently a zoo that’s part of the gardens/park!). I just enjoyed being there,  seeing the park, hearing the water and feeling the sunshine on my face.  I also saw a squirrel for the first time in France. It drizzled for a bit and we left for the mall and the grocery store in preparation for Christmas.  After that I was done with outings for the day.

On our last day in Lyon, I caught up on some reality shows and later in the evening Sarena and I cooked and watched The Croods. I made some calls home to wish everyone Merry Christmas before we started preparing to leave the next day.


DEC 16






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