Dijon: the Tour tour

Day 2– The sun was shining brightly and we stopped by a store called Gilbert Joseph. I came across some pretty cool books and games but we only spent a few minutes there before heading to get lunch. We ran into a flee market on our way to the covered market and we paused to peruse the stalls for a few minutes. Bl-IMG_6200After lunch (I had a Brooklyn bagel sandwich from Bl-IMG_6190Bagel Zee), we headed to the tourism office once again and discovered that the navettes, compact buses, were circulators that tourists could ride freely. We left the tourism office and had some spare minutes before our next activity so we popped into a nearby church before meeting our guide for the Tour tour (la tour is tower in French). There were 18 of us and we climbed upwards of 300 steps to get to the top. There were a few pauses here and there where we learned a bit more of the story behind the tower. There were also little kids in the group and their commentary on the climb up was hilarious. It was well worth it when we reached the top. The view was spectacular. Breathtaking.Bl-IMG_6209

Sarena and I commenced photo snapping- Dijon is really beautiful from the bottom to the top. I noticed a teal/turquoise dome in the distance while looking across the rooftops and briefly wondered what the building was for.

After the tour, we went back to Gilbert Joseph and on the top floor is a view of the side of the central church.

We soon made our way to the Christmas market stationed right in front of the Palais des ducs,walked around, then headed to the bigger Christmas market at Place de la République. At that location, there were people ice skating, music was blaring, and the Ferris wheel was going round and round.

We hopped onto the circulator from that point, rode around for almost a whole circuit (just to get the lay of the land) and then got off at a random stop which happened to be right in front of another church. Bl-IMG_6252We headed in and when we came out we discovered that the Musée archéologique was right next door. We’d found out earlier that most museums were closed on Tuesday and we had already planned to visit this one tomorrow. We stopped at the 2 Euro store where I got an LED Angel and for dinner we had kebabs.





DEC 16


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