J’adore Dijon

After arriving in Dijon today, Sarena and I stopped at Paul’s for lunch then walked to the marché couvert which was empty. We had walked by the Christmas market area earlier and no one was there as well. As we headed to the tourism office Sarena pointed out that there is an owl trail in the city which I am so excited about.

At the tourism office we found a lot of free things we can do and visit and I spotted a display case with owl knickknacks. There is also a small chapel at the tourism office and we took a peek inside.

Bl-IMG_6038After leaving the tourism office, we headed to our lodgings and I have to say that I love the feel of this town. The first street name that I noticed was Jean Jacques Rousseau. We came across a place with red lanterns hanging along the top of the street and happened upon a birdhouse that functions as a book exchange. Of course The Little Prince was perched in there ( Le Petit Prince references had been present throughout Lyon and its presence here is reassuring). We continued walking and after happening upon Avenue de Diderot, Sarena pointed out that the streets were named after writers and I realized that they were all writers from the Enlightenment period and I enjoyed studying some of their works in French Literature.

When we arrived at our destination, went through the gate and knocked on the door, a white dog rushing out to greet us. After putting our things down, Sarena headed back into town while I worked on plans for my upcoming trip to London.

Once I wrapped up, I walked back into town, joined Sarena at H&M and found that the area was an amazing place to go shopping. I also came across this square with decorations that made the space look ethereal. There was a also a hotel overlooking the square that with reflecting colors that change every few minutes.

We ended up at a Chinese restaurant for dinner and the staff was super nice.

I love Dijon, the smell, the feel, and I would not mind at all if I’d worked here. I can even imagine myself living here which is impressive.


P.S. I found a rock splattered with pink on the walk home.




DEC 16


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