Gearing Up for London

My first day back to school from the break, it was so touching to hear students wishing me Happy New Year as I passed them in the hallway or as they entered my classroom. I was a bit lethargic in the morning but as the day went on I started to liven up a bit more. After school, I stopped by Biocoop and picked up a couple of things. Being outside taking that short walk and getting that fresh air really lifted up my spirit. I found tofu chili and scrounged up some corn to make a scrumptious dinner.

Thursday– I was able to settle with other teachers about getting next Thursday off since I will be leaving early on that day to make my way to England.

Saturday– I went fencing which was super fun yet super challenging. My whole rib cage and torso hurt the day after.

Monday– I went grocery shopping and got ready for my sister and friend to arrive in town. They had a little snafu with transportation in Paris so they were going to be arriving much later in the evening than expected. The circulator and taxi services in my area were unavailable for their projected arrival times but thankfully my ride from my last leg back from Dijon had asked me to save her number and call her if I ever needed anything and she came through for me. She agreed to help me pick them up from the train station and even made arrangements to secure a larger vehicle so that my sister and friend’s baggage would fit easily. I was beyond grateful for her help. It was cold and raining and a virtual stranger came through for me.

It was great to see my sister and friend who had flown all the way from the States. I made spaghetti and warmed up some meatballs which they apparently really liked.

Tuesday– My sister and I had lunch at the school cafeteria and then we walked into town. We stopped by the library (I noticed the goldfish for the first time), Yves Rocher, the tourism office, she got her Free mobile card, stopped by the bank, and then walked back. It was nice to have her around and show her around. We had fun and laughed a lot.Bl-IMG_6995

Later on, we went to the cafeteria to have dinner and when we returned I opened up a bag of regional goodies that Madame Olivia had given me earlier. It was really sweet of her and I was so thankful for the care package. My sister and I tried one of the biscuits (cookies) that was apple and butter flavored and it was amazing.Bl-IMG_7017

Wednesday– My sister accompanied me to all of my classes which were scheduled in the afternoon. The topic we covered was New Year’s resolutions and I planned for the class to create resolutions that could be realistic or fantastical and we then played pictionary based on their written resolutions which was fun. Some of the students’ reactions to the game were very funny. That evening, my sister and I had dinner in the cafeteria.


JAN 17


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